Who is this guy?

Picture of Antti
Picture of Antti from 2022-06-26

I'm just a dude from Finland 🇫🇮 who happens to like programmingsince 2016 and system administrationsince 2019. At the moment years old. Recently passed the Finnish Matriculation Examination and going to study computer science in the University of Oulu in late 2024.

I work as a full stack developer using JavaScript and TypeScript for everything. Be it backend, web, desktop, mobile, games or embedded. I do prefer the backend but for them to be useful, frontends are a necessary evil. Work is mostly freelancing, sometimes on a company payroll. Though most of my code is free and open source on GitHub, like all software should be.

As a sysadmin and linux hobbyist, I self-host a lot of services and spend too much money on domains and servers. I absolutely adore Dockerand the whale for my self-hosting needs. Still doing it just for my own benefit but who knows, maybe system administration could also be a future career path. I use arch btw.

Where can I find you?

If you want to use encryption here is my PGP public key and while we are at keys... here are my SSH public keys as well.

What can you do?

I think a better question would be what I can't do.
But if you insist here is a short and concise list of some of my skills.

Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Deno, HTML, CSS, Python, Java, Rust
Libraries: Express.js, React.js, Next.js, Discord.js, Vite, TailwindCSS, Prisma
Databases: Sqlite, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
Editors: VSCode, Nano
Operating systems: ArchLinux, Debian
Sysadmin: Docker, Nginx, Cloudflare, Netdata, Bash, DNS, Email
Other: Git, GitHub, GitHub Actions, GitLab, GitLab CI/CD, Grafana

If you were expecting one of those cool icon grids, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I put off making this list for like half a year. Even now I could only gather enough motivation to create this.

What have you done?


And see the rest on GitHub.
Sadly I can't publish projects made for a client or an employer.


You can find more on my statuspage.


Places where I'm involved